Tungsten Dart

Tungsten Dart Picture

Tungsten is a very dense material, so darts with a considerable bulk can be made quite slim. The invention of tungsten darts had a big impact on the sport. With the new darts it was possible to achieve much better grouping than before, and the averages in pro games have improved dramatically. The tungsten darts are designed and developed for the developing player. It gives the players of dart a positivity in playing at an affordable prices. The series of tungsten darts is available in a variety of vibrant colors, different weights and black steal finish.

Tungsten has been used since the 1970’s for the production of darts, because it is twice as dense (heavy) as brass. A dart made of tungsten will be half the size of its brass equivalent. This means that tungsten dart is easier for the player to achieve close grouping and score the maximum 180! Tungsten Dart is great darts for experienced and good throwers. Tungsten darts are heavier compare to wooden, brass and nickel-silver darts. It is normally made with a combination of tungsten and nickel (80% and 20%). Tungsten dart could last longer compare to other materials.

Since it has a smaller size, it allows tight grouping on the board. This is one of the reasons why good throwers and experts choose tungsten dart. For a beginner or if you just started out, it is not necessary because you might not be throwing tight groupings. When you are familiar with throwing darts, you should start practicing with tungsten darts. Tournament Tungsten Dart Sets feature 3 tungsten barrels with machined grooved grip. It also contain 3 sets of high performance flights, polycarbonate shafts (1 set), aluminum shafts (1 set) and comes with a slim hard carry case. It weights around 27grams.